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Babies in Playroom

Development Programs

Activities areas for family child care

Creating a rich environment with a variety of activities is essential for the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development of young children.

Development Programs: Programs


Why Cooking is Important:

  • Invites children to participate in a "grown-up" activity.

  • Develops small muscle skills and eye-hand coordination.

  • Promotes language and thinking skills.

  • Gives children responsibility which promotes independence.

  • Teaches math and science concepts through measuring, sifting, pouring, stirring, and mixing.

  • Encourages creativity.

  • Encourages children to work cooperatively in a group.



Why Art is important?

The focus of art is process, not product. The best part of working with art materials is there is no right or wrong way to use them.


Outdoor Play

Here For You

We maintain a clean and sanitized environment and follow strict health and safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of all children in our care.

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